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Friday, June 26, 2009

Author News Flashes

I picked up a few interesting tidbits this morning and thought I'd pass along -

As posted on Publishers Weekly this week:

"YA author Melissa Marr has closed her first adult deal with her longtime publisher, HarperCollins. Merrilee Heifetz of Writers House brokered the deal for two books for mid-to-high six figures. Jennifer Brehl at HC took North American rights. Heifetz described the first book, Graveminder, as “Six Feet Under laced with ancient Irish evil and a dash of Faulkner”; the second book is currently untitled. Marr’s teen books Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange, dark paranormal titles featuring fairies who coexist uneasily with the few humans who can see them, earned starred PW reviews and were Book Sense Picks."

Alyson Noel posted on her boards that she's signed on to write another Immortals book (making that a total of 6 books). She will also start a new series starring Ever's ghostly sister Riley and that is set to debut in Fall 2010! Also--movie rights for Evermore were purchased so it is possible we could see a film in the works!

Claudia announced this on her blog back in May but for Evernight fans who missed it like I did, you'll be excited to know that Balthazar is getting his own book (aptly titled "Balthazar"), which is a continuation of the Evernight series delving "into the complicated past of the title vampire".

The first chapter of the Van Alen Legacy was mailed out to Melissa de la Cruz's newsletter subscribers last week! I found a link to read it online. To do so, click HERE!

Scott Westerfeld wrote a great post about his conversation with the production team for the Uglies Movie. It's to lengthy for me to paste here, but if you want to read the full post, click HERE. I liked how he told them most fans really want the roles of Shay and Tally to be with unknown actresses, while Dr. Cable could possibly be a famous face. I picture Nicole Kidman possibly playing Dr. Cable, what do you think?


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