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Monday, August 17, 2009

Contest- Win As You Wish & Signed Bookplate!


Win an ARC of As You Wish and Signed Bookplate from Jackson Pearce!
As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

Ever since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing—to have someone love her again and, more importantly, to belong again—until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes.

Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will not wish for the right thing, the thing that will make her truly happy. As the two spend time together, the lines between master and servant begin to blur, and soon Jinn can't deny that he's falling for Viola. But it's only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she's in love with Jinn as well . . . and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life—and her world—forever.

I'm excited to be able to offer one lucky winner an ARC of Jackson's novel "As You Wish" and a signed bookplate from the author.

To enter to win, leave a comment telling us what you would ask for if a genie
offered to grant you three wishes!

Bonus entries-

+1 Comment on my interview with Jackson HERE.

+1 Link to this contest or post about it anywhere you'd like (facebook, your blog, twitter, etc)

Entries are limited to US residents only and the contest will end September 14th 2009.



Erica said...

My 3 wishes would be:
1) Stop Abortion
2) Stop Animal abuse
3) Unlimited Wishes

Erica said...

Oops forgot my email


:) Erica

SerieslyReady said...

If a genie offered me three wishes, and I wasn't in love with him, and he wouldn't have to go back to his world if I made the three wishes(unless he wanted to), I'd make some pretty decent requests.

1. End to world hunger. Plenty of food for everyone. The only rule is that you can't waste it. Chances are, if we are all well fed, we wouldn't have to fight over food or starve to death. Plus, most people are happier after the have a good meal.

2. Get rid of most deadly and debilitating diseases like cancer, AIDS, and Multiple Sclerosis. I know they are to remind us that we are human, however, I think that there is enough suffering and adversity. But so we'll truly appreciate this life, you can still get sick.

3. The eternal happiness of me, my family, and those I love. You can't put a price on happiness. Through it great things can happen.


Dannie said...

Three wishes...

1. all the books i want

2. unlimited wishes

5. new car...=]

Sarbear said...

Please enter me: geekettesarbear(at)yahoo(dot)com.
My three wishes would be:
1. My dream house, completely paid for.
2. Peace everywhere!
3. Unlimited wishes!

+1 bc I commented on your interview with Jackson.

Sara said...

Thanks for the contest!

Three wishes (these are going to be ridiculous and probably selfish):
1. unlimited funds (so I could buy ridiculous amounts of books and also give to charities... and buy shoes... and pay for college)
2. my own personal library with one of those sliding ladders like on Beauty and the Beast
3. perfect weather... basically autumn for most of the year with a week's worth of the other seasons

+1 commented on interview
+1 linked to blog sidebar @ http://thehidingspot.blogspot.com


Valorie said...

My three wishes:
- To have perfect health.
- To have a purse that produces money whenever I need it.
- To always have good luck.

+1 commented on interview.

+1 Tweet: http://twitter.com/morbidromantic/statuses/3377711364.


Anonymous said...

I think I love this blog most of all (or at least it is right up there.)

Here's my comment!! I will no send out an invitation tweet!

Kristen said...

Three wishes hrm...

1. Unlimited wishes
2. To be great at my job and love it
3. For all of my family to find their dream jobs and be happy while working their and able to keep it as long as they like.

I'm very ... job orientated lately. Boring, I know. If the unlimited wishes doesn't work, I'd ask for 5 billion dollars.


Trista said...

Let's see....it's hard to just pick 3 wishes but here they are.

1) To have good health for me and my family

2) To end violence in the world

3) To have a money tree in my backyard with endless cash! (Of course I would share it with others) :)


MoziEsmé said...

1) happiness for all
2) food for all
3) purpose for all

Is that too generic?!

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

Lilibeth Ramos said...

1) A father who cares!
2) Not to go to school ever again, and just know everything!
3) An infinity of books!

+1 linked contest to sidebar: http://lilibethramos.blogspot.com
+1 tweeted about contest: http://twitter.com/Lilixtreme/status/3382588607


RagDollVampGirl said...

Great Contest!
My Three Wishes Would Be

1. Rid All Children Of Diseases
2. Make The World Bigger To Make More Shelters For People Who Don't Have Homes
3. And Help People Who Are Poor Get Financially Better Jobs



Wendy said...

This is hard!

1. To be healthy
2. Unlimited book supply (You know I was going to say that!)
3. To have a cabin in the Mountains.

Looking forward to reading As You Wish. :)

Wendy said...

I commented on Jackson's interview. +1

Leslie said...

1) Too kiss rob pattinson (lol haha just kidding or am i? lol)
2) My own bookstore
3) To travel all over the world with no limits

+1 Commented on interview

+1 Tweeted: http://twitter.com/leslielv08/status/3383712428

leslie-lv at hotmail dot com

Sab H. said...

I'd wish for a free country (I'm Venezuelan), Health & happiness for my three-year-old daughter and to grow old and happy with my hubby and kids.

+1 Link to this contest: sidebar:


Falling Off The Shelf said...

Hey! Great contest you have over here...enter me please!

My 3 wishes would be :

1. My fiance and I would be able to pay off all our debt.
2. Have my dream wedding with my fiance.
3. Buy that wonderful house we've been talking about (debt is in the way!)

I've also posted on my sidebar - http://fallingofftheshelf.blogspot.com

Posted a comment on your wonderful interview!

Thanks for the great contest :)
jennilovevirgo AT aol DOT com

Lauren said...

I would ask for the following:

1) To have money to buy all the books I want because that would just be a dream come true. :)
2) A full ride scholarship to the college of my dreams, Columbia.
3) And to get a totally awesome job in publishing, my desired career field, that would be high paying.

I also left a comment on your interview with Jackson.


Loralei said...

Wonderful contest!

Three wishes...

1. More time to sleep
2. Ability to understand others better
3. Just more time to get things done! lol

+1 blogged about it at llreadingcorner.blogspot.com

lj9142 at hotmail dot com

Beth said...

My wishes would be:
1. Good health for life
2. Money Tree
3. More time to read

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Shawna said...

Shawna Lewis

First I would wish that every one in my family would have perfect health.
Second That my kids would grow to be old & happy.
third wish that there would be a real Santa Claus and everyone in the whole wide world would get visited by him.

Winks & Smiles Shawna ;o)

Shawna said...

Shawna Lewis

I posted this on twitter

Hear is the after Link- http://twitter.com/theblindcupid/status/3401459209

Shawna said...

Shawna Lewis

I commented on the interview

jpetroroy said...

My wishes would be:
1. Stop world hunger and suffering
2. Have everyone be happy with who they are and how they look.
3. That my family would be happy and health.

+1 I commented on the interview.

Dani. said...

As You Wish is THE book I cant wait to read more than any other book, and I have about 550 books I want to read (says my Goodreads shelf)! I have been reading Jackson's blog religiously for the past few months and counting the days until As You Wish is released, I WANT IT!

My three wishes:
1.) I wish I had every book I've read(well the good ones) and want to-read, hardback and paperback, and US edition and UK edition.
(I know BIG wish =p)
2.) I wish "Playing with Playdough" was a major part of the school curriculum. :)
3.) I wish I could fly! How cool would that be, I wouldn't even have to have to take Drivers Ed.! Yay!

+1: Commented on Interview with Jackson Pearce!
+1: Tweeted about Contest- http://twitter.com/Danidlion

PleasePleasePlease Enter Me!


throuthehaze said...

1. unlimited amount of money
2. Good health for me and my family
3. World peace :)

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

sophia said...

1. Lose 20lbs and then get a fabulous new wardrobe! (LOL)
2. Never have to work and have tons of money to travel and enjoy life
3. Have everyone be kind to animals

commented on interview too :)


Limerick said...

Ooh. This story sounds really good. The plot sounds great.

Three wishes, hmm.
1) To get ever single book that I've ever wanted.
2) Money to pay for my college education(so far I have nothing collected yet XD)
3) More recycling to seriously save our planet.

+1 I commented on the interview.
+1 This is also up on my sidebar.

Thanks for this contest. As you wish sounds like a really great story!

two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

Casey said...

This book sounds really interesting!

My wishes:
1. All the books I want
2. new car
3. my daughter to live a long and healthy life

+1 commented on author interview

+1 tweeted givaway http://twitter.com/casey625/status/3467056431

+1 posted on sidebar http://casey62588.blogspot.com


gaby317 said...

My 3 wishes:

for me, my husband, mother, brothers and good friends to have our ideal bodies always (weight, skin, etc) no matter what

for me, my husband, brother, parents, and good friends to have fulfilling, high paying, non-toxic jobs where we're appreciated but to have so much money that we and our children never have to work

for me, my friends, and family to have perfect health (aunt and uncle cured of cancer immediately) and exceedingly long and happy lives

pretty selfish but it was fun to come up with these 3 wishes. i always worry that i'll jinx something when i make wishes

+ follower
+2 commented on interview

gaby317nyc at gmail dot com

Ashley said...

Please enter me, thank ya.

+1 Commented on the interview.
+1 Posted on my sidebar at http://booksobsession.blogspot.com

Jenn said...

1. Unlimited wishes
2. My dream job
3. Money to pay off my student loans


Heidi V said...

My three wishes would be:

1 - My son's health
2 - A full scholarship for my daughter
3 - A home

heidivargas [at] live dot com

Heidi V said...

Blogged about the giveaway @ http://theblackcell.com/blogs/?p=35222

Thanks again!
heidivargas [at] live dot com

Anonymous said...

1. End to homophobia. People don't REALLY need to have a category of people toward whom all bigotry is OK, even sanctioned by certain authorities.
2. World literacy.
3. A MUCH larger book budget, both for me and for my local library.
kjgpinelake [AT] yahoo.com

ReggieWrites said...

+1 Commented on your interview

If I could have 3 wishes, they'd be:
-To fall in love (hehe)!
-To lessen world hunger (unoriginal but true!)
-Loads of money so I can buy more books!


Awesome giveaway! Can't wait!

Reggie :-)

Fellina Grose said...

Ooo! A new supernatural genre to fall in love with? Sign me up, please? This sounds too too cute!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

My three wishes would be:

1. Find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
2. Find a cure for Cancer
3. My debt be completely paid off


Chloe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chloe said...

My three wishes would be:

1. To find true love
2. For nobody to ever have to worry about money or other problems
3. Find a cure for cancer


Kate said...

My wishes would be:

1. To have all my and my husband's debts paid off
2. A brand new, fully furnished house with a library filled with a new ending supply of books (genies can be tricky so you have to be specific)
3. To find a cure for diseases such as cancer, AIDS, MS

+1 added to sidebar


Korianne said...

+1 Link to this contest: http://koriannelovescontests.blogspot.com/2009/08/contests-i-entered-on-august-27th.html

My wishes:

1. Move to NYC with no fees.
2. Get all of my blog friends in one place for at least a week!
3. Work in publishing.

mhm, yup said...

My Wishes:
1. Happiness to me and my family.

2. To end hunger throughout the world.

3. Free books. ;)


Jill of The O.W.L Blog said...

My three wishes:

1. Pay off my house
2. Cure cancer
3. Keep my kids safe

+1 linked on my blog http://owlforya.blogspot.com

+1 tweeted it?????? (@justkeepreading)

Book Sp(l)ot said...

+1 for interview comment

To enter to win, leave a comment telling us what you would ask for if a genie
offered to grant you three wishes!
1-3 are actually all the same for me at the moment, I'd wish for my friend not to die of her cancer...because right now it seems that's going to take a genie, sadly


Bianca said...

my three wishes:
• to travel the world without any expenses
• cure cancer
• be happy

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

Elizabeth said...

My Three Wishes:
1. End world Hunger
2. All the books that I wanted
3. Happiness through out the world


Megan said...

My 3 Wishes:
1. Find a career that I love and that is lucrative so I don't need to worry about money ever again and able to buy a house
2. Never ending supply of books
3. More time in the day to be able to read more and do other things that I love doing

+1 - Comment on interview


Kelli Christine said...

+1 Three Wishes
1) I'd wish for the ability to morph into anything, or even just be able to change my looks at will (like Tonks in Harry Potter)
2) I'd wish for amazing talent in anything I decide I want to do.
3) Endless funds... and not just because I want to travel anywhere whenever I want, and wouldn't have to ever worry about money again, but also because I can think of so much good I could do with the money, and I'd be able to help a bunch of people!

+1 Commented on interview

+1 Linked on my sidebar (omgbookreviews.blogspot.com)

Great contest!
I would love to read this!


Annabelle said...

3 wishes:
- Lifetime supply of chocolate
- Wings so I can fly
- An entire garage full of expensive cars for my dad

+1 Commented on interview.
+1 Tweeted: http://twitter.com/xbellaxmiax


Kimberly B. said...

I would wish for
1. A good teaching job that I enjoyed and that paid me a good salary.
2. An end to prejudice and hate, although not by eliminating personal differences ala the Pretties trilogy.
3. Long and healthy life for my parents.
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Krista said...

Awesome giveaway!

I'd wish for:
1)Non stop supply of awesome books!
3)more wishes

Thank you my email is

heatherzilla said...

I would wish for peace, love, and happiness.

Park Avenue Princess said...

An Arc of Jackson's Novel "As You Wish"
An Autographed Book Plate
Three more wishes!

Of course!

x0xx Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)


pirate penguin said...

My three wishes would be:

1. To be able to fly
2. To have an endless supply of books
3. to have the ability to learn/speak any language in the world.

+1 I commented on the interview! I really like Jackson's answers xD

+1 I linked the contest in my sidebar :)

email: pancakesthepenguin(at)hotmail(dot)com

Brooke Reviews said...

If a genie offered me three wishes. Can I wish for money? It's not really giving me cash, but paying for the rest of my college. :D


Froggy said...

All the knowledge of the Earth

Please enter me!

Froggy said...

I added your link on my sidebar under contests!



Wrighty said...

This sounds so good! Thanks for your giveaway!

Three wishes could be very dangerous (just like in all the books!) but I would have to take care of others first.
- Good health for sick family members.
- College for my kids.
- Enough money to pay the bills and maybe even buy groceries afterwards!
- Just for fun would be lots of books but I've already been lucky in that department! :)

+1 Commented on interview.
+1 Added to sidebar


Paula said...

I would wish for more desire to exercise, willpower to eat better and a new vehicle.


Paula said...

In the interview I was encouraged by her drive to continue writing even after all the 'nos' she received. (over 100)

Debs Desk said...

My three wishes would be to live closer to my grandson, for my daughter to be happily married and for my mom to be healthy. Please include me in your giveaway.

Ashley said...

what you would ask for if a genie
offered to grant you three wishes!
I would ask for a avacation trip to europe, a car, and a hot boyfriend who treats me like a queen!!


Anonymous said...

Hmm. My three wishes would be:
- A cure for cancer.
- True love.
- Happiness for everyone.

Kind of cheesy but whatever. I'm cheesy like that. :D


Melissa said...

I would wish for
1. No more Animal cruelty.
2. World peace
2. true love


Melissa said...

Great interview.

I am happy that she never gave up after being rejected

Melissa said...

tweeted about it.


Debbie F said...

My three wishes - wow, I don't know...
1. for my kids to be happy with their lives now and in the future.
2. Money - lots of money!!! (and I'm not just asking for this for me - I would definitely share the wealth)
3. More wishes? If this isn't allowed I would ask for good health for me and my family!

dcf_beth at verizon dot net

Debbie F said...

I tweeted!

dcf_beth at verizon dot net

Mary Ann DeBorde said...

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Fun question but a tough one! :)

1. For pain & suffering for all living things to cease to exist (or some such loop-hole proof noble request lol)

2. For Omnisicence (or however you spell complete and utter knowledge?)

3. To get to help take care of all the Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Pumas, Leopards, Panthers and all cats & kittens in Heaven :) Why yes, I DO adore cats!!! LOL

What a Girl Reads said...

Sounds like a reat read!
Please enter me,

*Samantha* said...

My 3 wishes:
1. Make the world eternally healthy and happy.
2. Speed reading classes.
3. Unlimited wishes of course!


Paradox said...

To enter to win, leave a comment telling us what you would ask for if a genie
offered to grant you three wishes! -
1. An infinite library outside of time
2. Shapeshifting and/or telekinetic powers
3. Eternal youth

+1 Commented on the interview with Jackson.

+1 Link to this contest or post about it anywhere you'd like (facebook, your blog, twitter, etc) - http://twitter.com/ParadoxRevealed/status/3973220544

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

The Bookologist said...

Count me in! I really want to read As You Wish!

1. all the books that are awesome!
2. for this world to be healthy
3. unlimited wishes :)

+1 commented on your author interview with Jackson Pearce

+1 linked to this contest on my blog
also tweeted about it

Thanks for this giveaway!


Faye said...

well i don't want to sound all pageant-y
but i really do want (1)WORLD PEACE (2) good health 4 everybody(3)and well of course money(share w/ fam & MORE BOOKS!!) one could dream

posted in side bar

redleocat at yahoo.com

Nancye said...

My 3 Wishes:

1. Cure for RSD
2. Cure for cancer
3. Cure for diabetes

I'd really like to wish for unlimited wishes, is that allowed?

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Nancye said...

I learned in the interview that this book is loosely based on The Tempest by Shakespeare. Pretty cool!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Nancye said...

Tweet! Tweet!


nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

EGuevara said...

Three wishes Hmmm....
wish#1. Murder (the concept) would never exist
Wish#2. Trees would rejuvenate instantly after being cut.
Wish#3. No More Global warming

Anonymous said...

+1 Three wishes: (1) World peace; (2) For people to observe morals better and be more willing to help others; (3) Unlimited wishes so that in case more conflicts come up, I can wish them away. :)
+1 Commented on your fantastic interview!
+1 Linked to my blog http://bookbutterflyangel.wordpress.com/
+1 Linked to my blog http://perfectgoodluck.wordpress.com/
+1 Sidebar link at my blog http://bookbutterflyangel.wordpress.com/
+1 Twitter: http://twitter.com/bookbutterfly
+1 Facebook (I would post a link, but it's on private, so...)

Thanks so much for hosting this contest! I find it so funny that we have the same Internet usernames...I wish my review blog was nearly as fantastic as yours! :D

~Jacqueline aka "bookbutterfly" :)

jtcallaway said...

my 3 wishes
1. to have a baby
2. cure for AIDS
3. to see my brother again 1 more time

+1 commented on interview with author

Thanks for a great contest!