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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Ready to SWOON all over again!

In celebration of the six-month anniversary of Swoon, I am thrilled to announce that I will be featuring an interview with the novel's main characters, Sin and Dice (as moderated by author Nina Malkin).

This interview will post on Friday, November 27th, and kicks off a contest to win a personalized signed copy of Swoon.

If you've read the book and have any lingering questions for Dice or one of my favorite bad boys, Sin, well, here is your chance! Just leave a comment attached to this post with your questions. (You'll also get a bonus entry into the drawing for the book too!) We will try to include as many of your questions as possible in the interview.

So be sure to leave a question and don't forget to stop by to catch up with Sin & Dice!


What do you do when the boy of your dreams is too bad to be true?

by Sinclair Youngblood Powers

Welcome, dear reader, to our story. It’s the tale of the lovely Dice Moskow and the also lovely Pen Leonard—yet, truly, for the large part, it’s about me.

Sinclair Youngblood Powers.

Call me Sin.

For it is I who was unjustly condemned to death in the town of Swoon, Connecticut, in the year of Our Lord 1769. It is I who swore vengeance upon the place, and I who returns to latter-day Swoon, slipping without sanction into the unsuspecting vessel of Pen’s body, possessing her, using her as an instrument of retribution. And it is I who inveigles Dice to free me from that vessel, make me flesh once more, infuse me with great vigor and determination and…

Yes, I coerce Dice.

Yes, I defy her.

Yes, I betray her. I do.

Yet above and beyond all that I love her, and if you doubt it I beseech you to read this story, this SWOON, and find out for yourself if my love, her love, our love—impossible though it may be—is true.

You can read my review of Swoon HERE.


Dani. said...

If you could, would you go back and change anything?/ would you take back something you've done/said?

carrie said...

I have a question for Sin! And Nina- I loved SIN, he made my heart race even though I knew he was being very, very bad. LOL

If you were given the choice to either go back in time and live out a normal life with Hannah in the past, or you could continue having a future with Dice in the present, who would you choose to spend your life with and why?

kate said...

I have a question for Dice-

What is your biggest regret that you have in regards to your relationship with Sin?




sophia said...

Sin- Do you have any regrets about what you did to the people of Swoon?



Fantastic Book Review said...

This question is for both Sin and Dice - What do you like most about each other and what annoys you the most?

The Ultimate Dumpees said...

Question for Sin - If you, Dice and Hannah were in the same time, who do you think you'd choose to be with? This is saying that you hadn't dated them at all, who would you be more attracted to?


Maria said...

Can't wait until the interview!


Anonymous said...

Dice, how is Pen doing in the aftermath of everything that happened while Sin was around?


faith said...

I have a question for Dice- do you think Ruby really wanted you to drink that concoction you guys were brewing up with all the dangerous items that would've killed you?

Cassie said...

I have a question for Sin-
Sin when you were in control of Pen's body, were you able to communicate with her? It seemed like there were times when she was "herself". Where did you go?

Trista said...

My question for Sin is -

Where did you go? Are you coming back to Dice?

brizmus said...

Ooh! I wish I had read the book so I could ask a question. It sounds so cool. . .

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Smokin' hot cover :)

Anonymous said...

I have a question for Sin-
Sin what did you love the most about being in the present time period (besides Dice of course?)
Were there things you really hated?

- Jess

Van Anh Do said...

Sin- If your wife (the wife who died years and years ago) comes back. Who would you choose? Dice or your old wife?

Nia said...

I have a question for both Sin and Dice:

Is there going to be sequel to SWOON and If you could do something different what would it be?

aurora M. said...

Sin, If you could choose only three words to discribe your feelings for Dice what would they be?
Dice, If you could choose only three words to discribe your feelings for Sin, what would they be?

Anonymous said...

Dice- What was it like to fall in love at last sight instead of first? What was it like to have Sin walk out on you? Do you think He'll come back?
Sin- Why did you leave Dice? Will you ever come back for her? Do you regret leaving Dice?

Ashley said...

Awesome!! I'll be sure to check out the post once it's up. And ahhh I've been really wanting to read this book - it looks fantastic. And that cover is one of the best I've ever seen.

aqtbenz said...

Sin--Why oh WHY did you have to leave? I understand your vengeance was fulfilled and all that, but couldn't Dice and your love over come that?

I LOVED this book. I am officially obsessed to the Twilight and Harry Potter level. Sadly, the book I read was from the library so I don't have a copy! I would love to win this copy. :)

Anonymous said...

Dice- if you had to choose between losing Pen but being with Sin, or having Pen and losing Sin... what would you choose?

Sin- What would you do if you came back and Dice was dead? Would you to be together in the heaven/hell or would you stay in Swoon and live out your life?

Celia R said...

Sin- did you suspect anybody that murdered Hannah before you and Dice found out for sure?