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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog Tour: Dream Life by Lauren Mechling

Greetings and salutations, book lovers! I’m Claire Voyante, the main character of Dream Life, Lauren Mechling’s rip-roaring detective novel (and no, it is not immodest to say that about a book you didn’t write but in which you star—I checked in one of my grandmother Kiki’s etiquette books).

Dream Life is all about what happened after I found out my best friend Becca had just joined a super-exclusive, centuries-old secret society called the Blue Moons. I figured out how to wiggle my way into the club, and, of course, much drama ensued. I warmly invite you to check Dream Life out—it’s available at select bookstores or an Internet site near you.

When Dream Girl, the first book in the series, came out, my creator Lauren fielded questions from bloggers and journalists. Lauren is currently underground working on a secret project so I offered to step in and relief pitch. I’m taking a page from Ann Landers's book and writing an advice column. The questions came from fans of the series. The answers came from the heart.

(Warning: I don't have a degree in psychotherapy--use at your own risk!)

20. Dear Claire,

One of my best friends is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but she’s also so anxious about everything. Whenever she sends me an email if I don’t write back right away, she’ll start immediately emailing and calling and texting to “make sure” I got it. I’ve tried teasing her by saying “sorry, I need more than two minutes—how about five J ?” but she doesn’t understand that her behavior is actually really irritating.

I know I need to lay down the law, but how?

Anna Who Could Live Without The In-Box Madness


This sounds really tough—it’s like you’re being stalked, except your don’t even get the satisfaction of seeing your face in Us Weekly.

I’d say just suck it up and respond to her stupid emails, but doesn’t sound like that would help bring this nutty-making game of ping pong game to an end. You definitely don’t need to be victim to her obsessive nature, nor do you have to chuck your iphone in the river and forswear all texting and emailing simply to get out of having to have to deal with one person.

Now you say she’s nice, so I'm assuming you actually like her when she isn’t behind a BlackBerry. Why don’t you try to get rid of your friendship’s electronic element, and institute an IRL (In Real Life) policy. You can say you read some friendship manifesto that recommends learning about the power of old-fashioned, slow communication by going on an IRL-only diet with one friend of your choice. Tell her that she was your pick—that will make her feel special. And if she texts you five minutes later to “make sure” you’re not rejecting her, pick up the phone and ask her to go out for tea and a muffin. Just make sure the café is Wifi-free!

L’amour toujours!

Thanks Lauren (and Claire) for stopping by. I currently have a contest available to win both a finished copy of Dream Girl, the first book in the series and an ARC of Dream Life which you can enter HERE!

Lauren Mechling is the coauthor of all three 10th-Grade Social Climber books. She has written for the New York Times, Marie Claire, and Seventeen. She lives and writes in New York City. You can visit her at http://www.laurenmechling.com/.


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