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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check out The Harlequin Teen Panel!

Hey everyone! Recently I discovered a great program at Harlequin Teen and wanted to spread the word! I wish it was around when I was a teenager.

What's the Harlequin Teen Panel?

HOW TO JOIN: We are looking for girls from age 13 to 17 who live in the USA and who love to read young adult fiction books. We do need your parent’s consent—it’s a legal thing. Visit HarlequinTeenPanel.com to find out more about the Harlequin Teen Panel and how to join.

WHAT DO YOU DO AS A MEMBER? You’ll be contacted at least once a month via email with a survey or discussion about books and other topics. You should also know that we created our panel for market research only, which means I’m not going to sell you anything--ever--I’m only interested in getting your honest opinions.

Are you interested? Sign up today to share your opinion about the books you’ve read and the books you’d like to read—as well as other things that help you choose your books.

Here’s what some of the members of the Harlequin Teen Panel have to say:

"I love to read; this is a great way to read books before they come out or even influence them” Harlequin Teen Panelist

“So far I love being one of your members. The books are great and I have been sharing with my friends. They would also love to join.” Harlequin Teen Panelist

Not a teen? Check out Tell Harlequin, a Reader Panel for adults.

1 comment:

kit said...

This is so cool! I wish I could join thing is I'm over 17 at the same time I'm unsure about the adult one seeing as I'm not 20 or higher oh the delima XD

Thanks for blogging about this though X3