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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Book Review: Knight Angels: Book 1: Book of Love by Abra Ebner

Paperback: 368 pages 
Publisher: Crimson Oak Publishing LLC (April 7, 2010) 
Language: English
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When seventeen-year-old Jane Taylor witnessed her father's death, something happened to her. Ever since, her thoughts have been consumed by death, going so far as to foresee the ever-changing deaths of those around her. Sixteen-year-old Emily Taylor resented her sister's closeness with their father, who died when she was six. With the strange ability to read minds, she drowns the voices out with drugs, sending Jane over the edge. When seventeen-year-old Wes Green was adopted, he moved in next door to Jane, finding in her a childhood friend turned high-school crush. All summer, the pain in his bones seemed unwarranted. He was done growing long ago. When senior year starts, however, the pain only gets worse. The foreseen changes are not expected, and far too animal for his taste. When Max Gordon found himself standing above the dying body of an innocent seven-year-old girl, he saw in her eyes something he hadn't seen in the century he'd spent roaming Earth. Her father was already dead, but there was hope to save her. Jane was her name, and already she was all he ever wanted. It was his job to bring her back, and it was his job to protect her - the biggest mistake of his life. When these four teens enter Glenwood High their senior year, no one but Max could understand the future ahead of them. Drawn together by blood and friendship, they each hide a dark secret that will soon bind them together. Max has to protect Jane, Jane wants to be normal, Wes wants Jane to love him, and Emily just wants the voices to stop... But their fate just wants them dead.

Book Opening:

Diary of Jane Taylor:

"When I think of death, I don't see what everyone else does. There's a soft whisper when you find it, and a voice telling us that it'll be okay.

We never die alone, because they are always there watching over us, protecting us, and guiding us. They are silent, like a simple gust of wind; but it is in this wind that our world can change.
Knight Angels: Book Of Love (Book One)Mine did."

Notable Scene:

"I froze and looked up at him. His hand was warm, his fingers resting over my own. I swallowed, the immediate connection to his thoughts too personal. I pulled my hand out from under his. Wes was frightened and I could also see it in his eyes. I searched his face, my body screaming to be near him but I know it wasn't right. He loved Jane, but inside his thoughts, it wasn't Jane he had been thinking of; it was me." –Page 108

Love. Angels. Betrayal. KNIGHT ANGELS: BOOK OF LOVE had everything I wanted and oh-so-much- more. Abra Ebner skillfully entwines romance, action and mystery into a delicious reading experience. With strong writing and skillfully orchestrated multiple character point-of-views, this standout novel completely blindsided me. To be honest, I was initially leery about diving in because I knew it was self-published. But after reading it, I have to wonder—Why  wasn't this snatched up by a major publishing house?  Despite a few typos here and there, this is a skilled, professionally written novel deserving attention —and yes, I would include it in the same category as the wildly popular HUSH-HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick. While completely different stories, I enjoyed this novel just as much!

It takes a skilled writer to alternate between multiple viewpoints. A lot of writers struggle with just two. Abra Ebner balances four character mindsets and completely pull it off.  I will say that initially I was worried I'd get confused, but I did catch on almost immediately. However, I think Ebner would've been better off not getting inside the head of Sarah & Eric as they were minor characters. But I'm glad she did alternate between the character viewpoints though. I was able to connect with each of them so much more, and to understand their true motivations, fears and deepest secrets so much better.

The writing was vivid and flowed easily. It was emotional yet also entertaining. Honestly,  I could not put it down. Emily, the misunderstood sister with the drug problem wasn't as selfish and destructive as her sister Jane perceived her to be.  Jane wasn't as self-important and gloomy when she interacted with Max, a boy with a strong otherworldly connection to Jane. Max came into Jane's life at the perfect time though his presence definitely attracted danger in the form of brother Greg, someone who definitely enjoyed leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. But Max's presence in Jane's life really saved her; she was so lost and morose before he came along. He breathed new life and a renewed sense of hope into Jane's personality. Through Max, I found myself becoming more vested in Jane's character and grew to care for her so much more.  Wes, the next door neighbor coming into a major supernatural awakening fascinated me as well. But I have to say, it was Greg—the most dangerous of the lot that truly captured my attention. Isn't that always the way? I never quite knew what he would do next, and the tension he brought to the book whipped things up to a fevered pitch until I literally couldn't put it down until I found out how it would play out.  

KNIGHT ANGEL: BOOK OF LOVE is the first installment in a thrilling new series where supernatural forces beyond our comprehension battle for human souls. Some will fall, others will prevail.  With a fresh take on issues of death, love and destiny, the book was a paranormal roller coaster ride of intense emotion and an addictive premise. Trust me you won't be able to put it down.

I can't wait to read the second installment, KNIGHT ANGELS: BOOK OF REVENGE, which recently released in September.

Knight Angels: Book of Revenge (Book Two) (Knight Angels Series)

Abra Ebner lives in Washington State with her husband and two cats. She writes everyday, unable to find anything else that brings her as much joy, other than love. Her travels to England, Scotland, Switzerland and Germany, as well as her studies abroad in Australia have granted her a life full of wonder and excitement. She graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Fine Art.
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Lou Rohde said...

This book sounds great! I've put it on my TBR list. Thanks for the review.


yllektra (force-oblique) said...

I only recently found out about this book and I already have it on my TBR pile!!
It looks quite original and interesting!
Thanks for the review!

Aleksandra said...

Great review! It's one of the books on my must-read list :) Also, although I love the cover of the first book, I don't know why, but I don't like the cover of the second...

Abra Ebner said...

Thanks, Kim ^_^

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Ooooo what a great opening. That totally caught me.

Brenda Pandos said...

Abby's books rock! Great review!!!

Mad Scientist said...

This cover is so darling. I'm looking forward to picking this one up.

(I didn't see your rating) but this was a great review and it looks like a must read!

Mad Scientist

Erin said...

I think this series looks great. And I just found out that Abra lives near where I do! Always cool!