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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fab Five Questions for Angie Frazier, Author of Everlasting!

Today I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Angie Frazier, author of Everlasting and the upcoming middle grade novel, The Midnight Tunnel: a Suzanna Snow Mystery. Angie stopped by to discuss Everlasting with us- a romantic, captivating book I truly enjoyed. You can read my review here. 
Let's get started! 

Angie lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters, their big black lab, and a pair of highly destructive cats. Her debut young adult novel, EVERLASTING, is the result of an overactive imagination, an addiction to historical research, and dozens of vintage travel posters plastered to the ceilings of a cottage she rented one long, snowbound winter.

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1. Everlasting is an action-packed, romantic adventure about a young girl determined to uncover an ancient magic that could save those she loves. What was your favorite aspect of writing the book? Anything that was especially difficult? 

 My favorite aspects of the book by far are the characters. I loved them even when I didn’t know what the story was actually supposed to be. The plot changed around a lot, but the characters were always there, waiting for me to figure it all out.

2.What came first, the title or the actual novel? 

Oh, definitely the novel! The title was up in the air until after I’d signed with an agent and we were about to submit to publishing houses. I don’t focus on titles much. For me, the story will shape the title, not the other way around.

3. If you could have dinner with one of your characters, who would it be and why? 

 OK, so people might think I’m crazy for not choosing Oscar, but I have to say I’d love to have dinner with Ira. I have this soft, fuzzy spot in my heart for Australian conmen, what can I say? He’s such a rascal, but in a good-hearted and charming kind of way.

4. The ending of Everlasting ties up nicely but is also somewhat open-ended for a sequel. Will we ever get to read more about Oscar and Camille? 

You most certainly will! The sequel is due out in June 2011, and it picks right up where Everlasting left off. This book deals more with the magical/paranormal side of the story. It was a lot of fun to write!

5. What can we look forward to you next? Any upcoming series or new projects in the works?

The Midnight Tunnel: A Suzanna Snow Mystery
Yes, my first middle grade mystery, THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL: A SUZANNA SNOW MYSTERY is releasing March 1, 2011! This is hopefully the beginning of a series of mysteries starring Zanna, an 11-year-old girl who wants to be a detective like her famous uncle. Zanna’s mundane life gets turned upside down when a young girl goes missing from the Rosemount, Zanna’s parents’ grand hotel. I loved writing Zanna’s first mystery!

Sailing aboard her father’s trade ship is all seventeen-year-old Camille Rowen has ever wanted. But as a girl of society in 1855 San Francisco, her future is set: marry a man she doesn’t love, or condemn herself and her father to poverty.

On her final voyage before the wedding, the stormy arms of the Tasman Sea claim her father, and a terrible family secret is revealed. A secret intertwined with a fabled map, the mother Camille has long believed dead, and an ancient stone that wields a dangerous—and alluring—magic.

The only person Camille can depend on is Oscar, a handsome young sailor whom she is undeniably drawn to. Torn between trusting her instincts and keeping her promises to her father, Camille embarks on a perilous quest into the Australian wilderness to find the enchanted stone. As she and Oscar elude murderous bushrangers and unravel Camille’s father’s lies, they come closer to making the ultimate decision of who—and what—matters most.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

This sounds great and I LOVE the sound of her upcoming mystery :)

sunonglass said...

I love the cover for this one! Already on my to read list. Enjoyed reading the interview. :)