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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guest Post and Contest with Becca Ritchie, Author of Wynter Chelsea

I'm a college student with as much free time on my hands as procrastination will allow. Which, surprisingly and not surprisingly at all, is quite a lot. I have found that daydreaming is an art, and that I am a master at it. However, I have yet to fully harness night dreaming. Inception really showed me how much work I have to do. In these daydreams Wynter Chelsea: The Legacy was born at my sweet young age of 14 and published at 17. The supernatural tale has four young adults crammed into an Oldsmobile 442 on search for their missing parents across the United States. And the ride turns out rough, not so much because of the pit stops where they encounter demons, creatures, and spirits, but because Trevor Wynter won’t shut up.

This brings me to Trevor Wynter’s List of Most Awesome Superheroes (which also happens to be mine). The scrawny eighteen-year-old kid thinks he’s in league with these powerful men. Maybe there’s some truth in the matter. He’s never been injured, shoots blindfolded, sees the future in bits and pieces, and possesses greater fighting abilities than Amanda Chelsea’s older brother Jack.
 Number 5: Captain America

His humanity attracts me the most. Constantly pining over his lost comrade in the Avengers, Cap shows that superheroes have emotions too and not just for female loves.

Number 4: Spiderman

Besides X2, Spiderman might be one of my favorite superhero movies. And I’ve been following the remake with Andrew Garfield like a nutter. I love the idea that some lanky teenager has the ability to become something extraordinary. And now Parker makes every kid want to be bitten by a spider.

Number 3: Superman

Space alien? Check. Super senses? Check. Super strength? Check. Awesome? Check

Number 2: Rogue (X-Men)

X-Men provides a slew of cool powers. Discounting the fact that her ability makes her insane, she can experience all others mutant’s powers by skin-to-skin contact. Nothing beats that except…

Number 1: Pyro (X-Men)

Pyro, a mutant who can manipulate fire, might be in the evil Brotherhood, but his power makes Trevor Wynter’s dream of burning down a building seem like a reality. And even though I personally have a hard time handling matches, I’d like to think having Pyro’s ability would help me hurdle that fear. Then maybe I could light a candle.

Becca Michelle Ritchie grew up in Peachtree City, Georgia where she began writing at an early age. When she was 14, she completed Wynter Chelsea: The Legacy and published the novel at 17. Currently she attends the University of Georgia where she’s minoring in English and studying Telecommunication Arts. Her second novel (the sequel), Wynter Chelsea: The Sublimity was just released in late December of 2010. She is currently working on promoting her series as well as writing the third installment.

1 SIGNED copy of 

Wynter Chelsea: The Legacy

Four hundred years ago a creature descended upon the Earth. The supernatural hunted innocent lives wanting blood and vengeance. Two families, the Wynters and the Chelseas, knew of the darkness that reigned over the world. For thousands of years they hunted and killed to protect those who knew nothing of the dangers.

Amanda Chelsea vies to be a part of the Wynter Chelsea legacy, constantly craving the thrill of a lifetime that her older brother, Jack, and the two Wynter boys experience. At seventeen, Amanda’s passion to fight is overwhelming, and she cannot come to grips with why the boys are protecting her. Abilities are cast upon the new generation of Wynters and Chelseas, only in hopes of guiding them to vanquish the impenetrable creature. Even as Amanda Chelsea receives the power of empathy, feeling other people’s emotions, it brings more harm than a vital potency. Through the turmoil in New Jersey, Dustin Wynter is the only one able to relate to Amanda with a similar gift. As Jack’s rage boils over the edge, Dustin must put the pieces back together and hold the legacy up with a shaking arm and a quirky brother by his side.

When the world couldn’t seem to become anymore dangerous, both parents of each family go missing. Now with no choice but to bring Amanda along, she finally is able to fight without hassle, but is it worth it? Is the disappearance of the ones she loved a price that she has to pay for her dream to join the legacy? Traveling across the United States, the four young adults must confront their hidden emotions and ultimate reason for living.

Wynter Chelsea is a novel about finding truth in oneself and truth in the world amid the darkness that follows. Readers of the young adult genre will connect with Amanda’s coming of age story, where life seems to be at the tip of her fingers but she can’t hold on to it. Wynter Chelsea has a spark of comedy with Trevor Wynter and love with the bubbling young romance of Amanda and Dustin. With a strong sense of love, loss, and sacrifice, Wynter Chelsea connects the sentiment of the reader to the page. When the reader closes the novel, their heart will surely be left within the lines.

Official Rules:
1.You must be 13 year or older to enter.
2. Open to entrants with a valid U.S. mailing address only. 
3. Entries must be received by Midnight EST on March 10th 2011
4.To enter to win, simply leave a COMMENT for Becca long with your email address.


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