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Saturday, April 2, 2011

In My Mailbox!

  In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren and inspired by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie.
Sea WON!! (Thanks Cindy @ Books Complete Me!)
SEA BY HEIDI KLING (June 10, 2010)

Still haunted by nightmares of her mother’s death, fifteen-year-old Sienna Jones reluctantly travels to Indonesia with her father’s relief team to help tsunami orphans with their post traumatic stress disorder—something Sienna knows a lot about. Since her mother’s plane went missing over the Indian Ocean three years before, Sienna doesn’t do anything if it involves the ocean or planes, so this trip is a big step forward. But the last thing she expects is to fall for Deni, a brooding Indonesian boy who lives at the orphanage, and just so happens to be HOT. When Deni hears a rumor that his father may be alive, Sienna doesn’t think twice about running away with him to the epicenter of the disaster. Unfortunately, what they find there could break both their hearts.

A compelling summer romance, Sea marks the arrival of a stunning new voice in YA.
The Healing Spell


Twelve-year-old Livie is living with a secret and it's crushing her. She knows she is responsible for her mother's coma, but she can't tell anyone. It's up to her to find a way to wake her momma up.

Stuck in the middle of three sisters, hiding a forbidden pet alligator, and afraid to disappoint her daddy, whom she loves more than anyone else, Livie struggles to find her place within her own family as she learns about the powers of faith and redemption. Livie's powerful, emotional, and sometimes humorous story will stay with readers long after the last line is read.

Set in the lush bayou of Louisiana, Kimberley Griffiths Little brings Livie's story to life with power and grace. 

Breath of Angel: A Novel (The Angelaeon Circle) 

The stranger’s cloak had fallen back, and with it, a long, white, blood-stained wing.
When Melaia, a young priestess, witnesses the gruesome murder of a stranger in the temple courtyard, age-old legends recited in song suddenly come to life. She discovers wings on the stranger, and the murderer takes the shape of both a hawk and a man.

Angels. Shape-shifters. Myths and stories—until now.

Melaia finds herself in the middle of a blood feud between two immortal brothers who destroyed the stairway to heaven, stranding angels in the earthly realm. When Melaia becomes a target, she finds refuge with a band of angels attempting to restore the stairway. But the restoration is impossible without settling an ancient debt—the “breath of angel, blood of man,” a payment that involves Melaia’s heart, soul, and destiny. 

A Need So Beautiful
A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL by Suzanne Young (July 1 2011)

Charlotte’s best friend thinks Charlotte might be psychic. Her boyfriend thinks she’s cheating on him. But Charlotte knows what’s really wrong: She is one of the Forgotten, a kind of angel on earth, who feels the Need—a powerful, uncontrollable draw to help someone, usually a stranger.

There have been others before who’ve felt the Need, but they’re gone—erased from the memories of everyone whose lives they had touched. It's as though they never existed. This is the fate that awaits Charlotte. But the last thing Charlotte wants to do is disappear, to be Forgotten. She wants to stay with her best friend, whose life is spiraling out of control. She wants to lie in her boyfriend’s arms forever. She wishes she could just ignore the Need, but she can’t. And as everyone important in her life begins to slowly forget her, she has to decide if she’ll fight the Need in order to remain herself—no matter how dark the consequences


The Body FinderThe Sky Is EverywhereIf I Stay

So as you can see, I got some really amazing books this week. I don't know what to read first! 
Hope you guys had a great week too!


Christy @TheReaderBee said...

Ohhh, so many great books!! I hope you enjoy them all, especially The Body Finder!

Jessica said...

Beautiful covers!

My IMM will be up tomorrow, be sure to stop by!

Old Follower
Jessica@a GREAT read

YA Book Queen said...

Ooh, ANSB!! So cool! Love TBF and Jandy Nelson's book too! :)

Hope you enjoy them all!

YA Book Queen said...

Ooh, ANSB!! So cool! Love TBF and Jandy Nelson's book too! :)

Hope you enjoy them all!

Christina / Book Addict said...

Sea looks really good. I want to read that one! I loved The Body Finder and If I Stay--two of my favorites! Enjoy all your books!

Sally said...

Great books this week. The Sky is Everywhere is totally awesome as is If If I Stay.
Can't wait to read A Need So Beautiful - sounds sooo good.
Happy reading.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Oooo Sea!

Great stack! Here is my IMM :)

Kristina said...

The Body Finder is awesome!

Chel said...

Awesome books! Sea is really pretty. Happy reading!

Chel @ The Procrastinator's Corner

GMR said...

Wow, nice mailbox! Ooh...I see IF I STAY in the mix there. I've heard WONDERFUL things about that one...happy reading!

BooksforCompany said...

Lots of people have A Need So Beautiful but l think it looks kind of old fashioned cover and didn't think l would like it. Having just read the blurb, it sounds great.
Enjoy =)

Cozy in Texas said...

Love the picture of the dog snuggled in a mailbox.