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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Character This or That Picks: The Revenant by Sonia Gensler


Boarding School or Public School?
Boarding schools can be a challenge, what with the wealthy snobs you often encounter, but I would much prefer to board than to attend a day school that requires me to go home at night.

Horseback or carriage?
I never learned how to ride, so it’s a carriage for me. Riding the train is best, however – if one can afford it.

Hair up or down?
In the Oklahoma wind, I’d have to say hair up – with a considerable number of pins to hold it in place!
Reading or writing?

Reading! I’ve never been good at expressing myself in writing – never really realized how bad I was until it came time to mark essays.

Gowns or simple dresses?
All I have are simple dresses. It would be marvelous to have a gown that was made just for me.

Small towns or bustling cities?

I’ve never seen a bustling city, but I think it would be grand to visit one. I’m certain I’d find good theater there. I’d love nothing better than to see a Shakespeare play with professional actors and a decent costume budget.

Family or friends?
Friends, please. Especially ones like Olivia Adair. Since Papa died, I do my best to avoid family. That’s not something a proper young lady should say, I know, but I just can’t be myself around my family.

Dancing or singing?
I’m no singer. And technically we’re not allowed to dance at the seminary – not with boys, anyway – but I do love to watch the younger girls dance. They put on secret performances on the third floor, and I’ll certainly never tell on them!

Staying home or going on an adventure?
Adventure, always! At home it’s all drudgery.

The Revenant by Sonia Gensler
Publisher: Knopf Books
Release: June 14, 2011
Buy the Book: Amazon

About the Book:
When Willie arrives in Indian Territory, she knows only one thing: no one can find out who she really is. To escape a home she doesn't belong in anymore, she assumes the name of a former classmate and accepts a teaching job at the Cherokee Female Seminary.

Nothing prepares her for what she finds there. Her pupils are the daughters of the Cherokee elite—educated and more wealthy than she, and the school is cloaked in mystery. A student drowned in the river last year, and the girls whisper that she was killed by a jealous lover. Willie's room is the very room the dead girl slept in. The students say her spirit haunts it.

Willie doesn't believe in ghosts, but when strange things start happening at the school, she isn't sure anymore. She's also not sure what to make of a boy from the nearby boys' school who has taken an interest in her—his past is cloaked in secrets. Soon, even she has to admit that the revenant may be trying to tell her something. . . Courtesy of Goodreads.com

About the Author:
Sonia Gensler is a former high school teacher turned full-time writer living in Oklahoma with my husband and cat. Her debut novel, THE REVENANT (Knopf 2011), is a ghostly mystery set at a Cherokee girls' school. 

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